3 ways to stand out with web design in Belfast

Stand Out Design

There are now 1.37 billion web pages floating around the World Wide Web. You don’t need me to tell you that’s an enormous figure. You might think that with so much competition it would be impossible to stand out with web design. That’s not the case. It is still very possible. You don’t need to compete with every other website in the world- just those in Belfast and/or your niche. Let me show you how you can stand out with web design in Belfast.

Easy to navigate

This is so critical. There are too many websites nowadays which look great with awesome designs. On the surface you would say these websites are great. The problem is they’re not functional. It is so frustrating when you’re trying to find the information! You can have the most elegant, eye-catching design in the world but if the visitors can’t find what they’re looking for, they will click away from your site never to return. Instead make it easy for your visitors to find your products and the information they are looking for.

Striking design

While the number of web pages may be over one billion, most of these pages are mediocre and uninspiring. This means that the competition can be an advantage. Users of the web have become so accustomed to rather boring designs, that when one comes along that is exceptional people will notice. This won’t always be a conscious decision where the visitor says to themselves, “this website sure is nice.” That said, it will still register with them and will make your website more memorable.

Leader of the niche

If your online business is about fly-fishing you don’t need to have a best website in the world. You just need to be better than the other fly-fishing websites. This is a much simpler and easier task. When your website is head and shoulders above the others in the niche, you will appear to be the authority even if you aren’t there yet. This will make your rise to the top happen faster. Of course the content will still need to be great, as will your product or service, but the fact remains that it can reduce your time to get to the top.

A phenomenal website is the mark of the professional company. This professionalism will be instantly recognisable in a top quality website. Human beings make their decisions very quickly. Since we don’t have long at all before that person will make a decision about our website and a company, it is in our best interests to maximise these initial thirty seconds. This could involve having a well-designed and structured website that will help establish you as the industry leader before you’ve even got there.

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