How to create a Facebook Ad

Facebook Ad Management

If you haven’t seen a Facebook Ad by now then where have you been?? This is what has made Facebook billions, its a simple case of create a crowd and you can make money! Obviously we all no why people use Facebook and the majority of us have a Facebook page. But what a lot of people are unaware of is that everyone one of us that has a Facebook page is just another demographic for Facebook that they sell to Advertisers, this will come more apparent as I show you how a Facebook Ad is set up.

Setting up a Facebook Ad

1. First things first login to your Facebook account and then go to

2. Click on ‘Create an Ad’ and choose where you want the user go when the click on your ad, either a UR or one of your Facebook Pages.

3. Then choose what you want to promote either your page or a specific post.

4. Then choose what people will see in your ad. You can either create a Headline, add body text and an Image manually, or simply choose to promote your ad through stories of people liking your page.

5. The next stage is choosing your audience this is the power of Facebook over any other site. You can tailor who sees your add from Location, Age, Gender, Interests and Categories.

6. Then you select you objective, either to ‘like my Page’ or ‘Click on my ad’. Most of the time ‘like my Page’ will be the one to go for.

7. Next you set your budget and tell Facebook how long to run your ad. The more you spend the the more your add will be seen. Try it at $10 per day and be sure set an end day or your campaign will run continuously as standard. I would advise running it for a week then review your increase in ‘likes’.

8. Review your Ad and Click ‘Place Order’.

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