Mobile Web Design Shaping the Web

Mobile Web Design

Mobile web attracts lots of people today, because mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are increasingly popular and very affordable. There is an estimated number of over one billion mobile users who access the internet via their devices. Mobile web design is constantly growing and evolving, because people and businesses always seek the best possible user experience.

Mobile web design constantly shapes the web and it is the latest trend in the industry. There is a large number of businesses who started to adapt their online appearance to mobile. Having a quality mobile web design also leads to higher ranking in the search engines. Large number of mobile devices constantly shapes the world of mobile web design. At first, mobile web design was just another way for doing internet marketing, but today it is much more than that. The way a certain web site appears on smartphones or tablets is very important, even more for some companies, as its appearance and look on a desktop computer.

At the beginning of the Internet era, most of the websites were created with heavy web pages. This was very logical back then because most of the internet users accessed the web on their laptops or desktop computers that had larger screens. The large textual as well as other information was designed to fit well in those larger screens. As soon as the smartphones appeared on the market, mobile users found it annoying to keep on zooming and scrolling down to larger pieces of textual information on the smaller screens of their devices. Web designers responded with making mobile versions of the sites, which displayed the content of the site a bit differently and usually with larger text.

This strategy was good for only short period of time before larger devices, such as tablets, and smartphones with bigger screens appeared in the last decade. These new types of devices were something between desktop and mobile, so something new had to be done instead of creating web sites with two designs – one for mobile and one for desktop. Websites had to be designed to display perfectly on anything – regardless if it is a smartphone, tablet or a desktop computer. That is how a new web design called responsive web design came into the picture. Websites were created in order to respond best on any type of devices. Responsive web design renders perfectly at any resolution and in any dimension of the screen. That leads to satisfied customers and good user experience.

Today, almost half of the whole internet traffic goes through smartphones and tablets. Responsive websites are created to appear much better on mobile devices. Smooth visual design has replaced the once heavy web sites, and lots of websites today have a mobile feel attached to them. Web designs today are more suited to the touch screen than to the cursor of a mouse.

Mobile web design made a revolution in the Internet world and is no longer considered as just part of the marketing strategy. Having an optimized mobile web design is a must in today’s modern world.

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