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For any online business, SEO is crucial to your success.

Just in case you’re brand new to the online marketing world, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Simply put, it’s certain steps that you can take with any website in order to rank higher on Google and the other search engines. But this isn’t a beginner 101 to search engine optimisation. I’d like to discuss something that many people forget or underestimate with their SEO- The quality of the audience coming to your website matters just as much, if not more so than the quantity of the traffic.

Imagine you were a hairdresser who specialised in doing hair for special occasions: formals, weddings etc. Which of these scenarios would be more desirable: One thousand hits a day covering all types of people, from children to centenarians, or, fifty hits a day from people searching for specifically your service and who are ready to buy. Naturally the latter is the one you want.

It can be very easy to get lost in a storm of numbers when analysing your sites traffic. The modern world already gives us an attitude of “more, more, more.” But more is only better up to a point. This is why it’s so important to target an audience.

We all have a perfect customer. The person you had in mind when creating your product. The person who inspired you to do what you’re doing. This is the person we need to find and if you have a good product or service which adds a lot of value, there will be a lot of them. The more of these people we can find and get onto your website, the better you will naturally do. Not only do you benefit, but they will also by finding a great product quickly.

Finding your Niche

If you sell a niche product then it is even more important to focus on quality rather than quantity. As an example, let’s say that you are have a website and business around high level table tennis. You sell high quality rackets, balls, tables and apparel. Your ideal customer will be someone who has been playing the game for some time.

If this was your business would you really benefit from having lots of traffic covering all groups of people? In this case, your focus would be on finding those people who play table tennis competitively.  This is done by considering this person. What would they search in Google? What other websites do they visit? Knowing these factors allows you to use SEO to target you audience and take your business to a whole new level.

SEO can be complex especially since Google and the other search engines are constantly changing the rules on what is allowed and what isn’t. This is why it is so important to have good SEO practices in place. Black hat techniques no longer work with more websites being punished for them every single day.  When you use good SEO practices and target your audience, this won’t be a problem for you.

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