How social media can help increase your websites traffic

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Whether you own a million dollar company or a small local business, you really should be on social media.

Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are among the biggest sites on the world and their growth will only continue upwards.

Alexa is a company who rank the entire world’s websites in order. The lower you score on the Alexa ranking system, the more important the website. Google sits at the number one spot as you would expect, but more surprising is that Facebook is just behind it at number two.

The other really exciting aspect of Facebook is the length of time that its users will spend on the site. The average Facebook user will spend twenty minutes a day on Facebook- a significant portion of their day. This is the power of Facebook for your business.

When people come across your link through this medium, they are already in a relaxed mood. They have time to kill. Since they’re in no rush, the time they will spend on your website will be greatly increased- there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to support this. The more time they spend on your site, the more they’ll realise the value you provide and the more likely they are to buy.

Twitter is another fantastic platform for raising awareness of your brand. As you may or may not know, Twitter allows its users to upload a “tweet” of 140 characters or less. It is not uncommon for users to upload nine or ten tweets each day. The exciting thing for business owners people will often tweet about products they have bought or services they have used. As we all know, word of mouth is the best form of advertisement and twitter and other social media provide a great form for this.

The knock on effect of social media must also be taken into account. This is among the top reasons why your business needs to be on social media. A rather common thing for successful bloggers is that after writing post after post, usually to a small group of people, one of their posts will go viral. The reason this happens is that after a particularly well written and thought provoking blog post, many of that person’s followers will share the link on Facebook or Twitter. These links will then be seen by friends and followers of those who shared the link.

Say my friend shares the link. My friend’s friends will all see the link also. If any of those friends share the link it will then be seen by even more people. This is a cycle that can continue indefinitely. The more people who share the link immediately, the more exposure your brand or product will receive.

Social media is something you cannot afford to miss out on. Get in on the game now. The final point is this: Social media is very active. It offers a unique way to communicate with potential clients. You can send private messages, answer any queries in comments and your potential clients can post their questions for everyone to see. Social media is something you do not want to miss out on.

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