The importance of listing your business on Google Places

google places

Google is the most popular website in the world with over 1.17 billion active users per month. So, being present on Google and all of its tools is a must for every business. This is especially true when it comes to listing a business on Google Places.

Thanks to this tool, business owners can list the location of their business on an interactive map in order to help prospective customers or clients to get the right directions. By using Google Places and other similar Google tools, you will significantly increase the chances of increasing sales. In case you are able to optimize your business information in the right way, your business will appear much higher in search results. But, this is not the only advantage you will get. Thanks to this tool, users can provide honest reviews about your products or services which will help other people learn more about your offer and help you improve your products/services. If you are listed on Google, you will improve the ranking for your business website and get more web traffic. According to some stats, most of the web traffic comes from organic search (at least when it comes to the popular websites).

Furthermore, Google is always trying to improve the experience of their users by adding new, helpful features. Business owners who use Google Places will get a chance to offer coupons, special deals, images, videos, working hours and payment opportunities in their Google Place listing. In case your potential customers have this information at a glance, they will save a lot of time which leads to improved satisfaction and instant growth of trust and reputation.

Don’t forget that Places is also available through Google Maps which can be viewed on mobile devices too. The number of Internet users that use mobile devices to access the internet is constantly growing, so you should definitely take this fact into consideration. As we said before, Google is always trying to provide the most relevant results for their users and this is why this website is the most popular one for years. When it comes to businesses they have invested a lot to provide local search results and listing your business on any Google service especially Places will improve your ranking.

If you list your business on Google (all of its services) you can expect high search engine results. The best part is that this process doesn’t cost much even if you hire a professional to do this job for you which is highly recommended. As a final result of this activity you can expect better customer satisfaction, strengthening your brand on the internet, getting good mobile device exposure and integration with Google Maps.

In order to get the desired results, make sure to claim the Places page for your business. The information you share must be correct and relevant. Always choose the appropriate category for your business. If you want to get the best results, hire a professional that has experience in this field.

Here at Web Design Belfast we can look after your off site marketing and Google Places is a great place to start.

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