The latest trends in web design

latest trends in web design

According to many experts, the latest trends in web design is an interesting combination of art and science/technology. As we are all aware, there is a rapid advance of technology in the last decade and the fact is that there are many different art directions, so it is no surprise why trends in the field of web design are changing every year. The latest trends in web design are especially interesting because they have the potential to bring significant improvement for website owners that are ready to implement these trends on their websites. Now let’s check some of these trends.


Storytell websites

If you think about it, you will notice that each website has its own unique story, but the content is not presented in this way. The so-called parallax design is one of the growing trends in the field of web design. This is a type of design that allows designers to unleash their creativity and highlight some beautiful presentations. This is a great way to tell your story because it is based on only one page so texts/articles, graphics and animations are available without the typical loading time. Just like in many other cases, the content is the main factor for success for this type of websites.


Flat design

Truth to be told, this design is not completely new, but there is a significant progress in it in the last few months. Flat design is all about presenting minimalistic and focused content and presenting things that visitors want to see. This minimalistic user interface is evolving in a direction that is desirable by mobile users. Flat design is experiencing changes that allow users to get clear view on the content of the website. It is fast and centered around the content. The most important thing is that this design is great for the web designers because they can easily modify it.


Using CSS3 animations

Ever since CSS3 was officially presented, developers are relying on CSS animations. It is now wonder why they do this because web browsers are now more advanced and in addition, more people use fast Internet. One of the most popular effects is the animation of elements during scrolling. When users start scrolling the page, the elements start to appear gradually on the screen or they just show up from the side. In addition, some web designers use SVG graphics. They know how to use a powerful combination of CSS3 and SVG in order to get some great animations.


Big background images

Contrast has always been considered to be a good approach for creating any kind of design. A short text placed on an image that covers the entire space will emphasize your home page. A big and clear image used as background has shown to be much more effective compared to patterns and mono-color backgrounds. The main focus should be placed on finding the right image or illustration. This element must be original and related to the content of the website.


Keep in mind that these are only some of the trends in web design. In order to be trendy, you must use the help of professional web designers.

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