The importance of Website security

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Your website security is of the utmost importance and must be taken seriously.

This is especially true if you earn your living online. If you do you are jeopardising your financial security. The unfortunate reality is that there are people lurking around who will take advantage of you and your customers. Fortunately, there are measures we can take to ensure the safety of your details and your customers. Let’s take a look at the benefits a secure website offers that you maybe haven’t considered before.

Credibility is key

Credibility is everything is the online business world. Without it, you have no possibility of building a following, and certainly no chance of running something like an eCommerce store. The fastest way to lose your credibility is to suffer a security hack. Think about PayPal. PayPal have massive credibility that they have built up over many years. We use PayPal because so many people have had good experiences with it and so trust it. If PayPal were to be hacked and its customer’s details stolen, PayPal would be finished. The company would suffer massively as they would have lost the trust they had with its users. The situation is the same for you although on a smaller scale.

People are aware of the risks when buying online. There is always some hesitancy before giving sensitive information away, especially if you haven’t bought anything online before. If you can show that you have a safe, robust and secure security measures in place, your customers minds will be put at rest and your conversion rate will surely increase.

While a lot of your security measures will not be seen, showing on your website that you have taken these measures will help to seal your professionalism and settle doubts that a potential customer might have. Using PayPal or Clickbank as your method of payment can be a part of this. Many people will only buy online is it is through one of these established companies.

One hack and it’s over

The most important thing to any business is its customers. Happy customers equal a good reputation, which leads to more referrals and more profits for your online business. So what does this have to do with a secure website? Well, it takes a long time to build a good reputation, but it can be lost in a moment. If you suffered a cyber-attack, it will shred your reputation. You would have to rebuild your following from scratch and no one wants to do that.

Ensuring the security of your website is one of those small things that go a long, long way. Every online business is at risk of a cyber-attack. Some of the world’s largest organisations have been affected but so have some of the smallest. No one is immune so don’t take the chance.

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